A9Play Agent Registration: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, I am going to explain how to register and become an agent with A9Play. If you are not interested in becoming an agent and you just want to play the casino and online games in A9Play, you can click here to register as a player.

A9Play is an online game and casino platform that is very easy to use and has a growing user base here in Malaysia.

You can either sign up as a player or become an agent with A9Play.

When you become an agent with A9Play, you have the ability to invite your friends to use the A9Play casino game platform and earn a commission from every transaction that your friends make with A9Play.

How To Register as an Agent with A9Play?

To become an agent with A9Play, you need to be registered under another A9Play agent. You cannot sign up directly with the parent company.

How To Find a Trusted A9Play Agent?

The easiest way of course is to sign up under our group 🙂

Click here to become an A9Play agent under our group.

The A9Play Registration Process in Detail

Once you have found a trusted agent, you can get in touch with them. The agent will assist by adding your details to the A9Play platform.

To be registered as an agent, you need to provide the following information to the trusted agent (upline) such as your full name (as in your NRIC/Passport) and phone number.

Once the registration is done, the agent will provide you with the username and password to log in to your A9Play agent account.

After you get your login details, you need to login into your own a9play agent account.

Click here to login.

You can login by using your

After login, you will see the dashboard as shown below.

In this part, you need to download your QR code.

To download your QR code, please click the Players button.

Next, click the “ADD PLAYER” button.

After that, click the “Download” button to download your QR code. Your QR code will be automatically saved into your phone’s photo gallery.

What Next?

Now, you need to open a player account.

Please scan the QR code that you just downloaded in order to create a player account.

After you scan the QR code, you will be taken to the next screen which is the registration form.

Please fill in all the information as shown below. After that, click the Request OTP and Sign Up button.

A9Play will send you an SMS along with an OTP to the phone number you included in the registration form.

Please fill in the OTP number in the space provided as in the picture below.

Now the account player registrations are done.

To login to your player account, please click the A9Play apps on your phone. You can login by using your phone number and password.

Now, you are on the A9Play game dashboard. Click the menu as shown in the picture below.

Next, click the “Invitation” button.

In this section, you will find your URL and QR code. You can use this URL or QR code to invite your friends to register with A9Play and earn a commission.

There is no denying that there are many untrustworthy agents out there. So, it is your responsibility to find a reputable and trustworthy agent. If you need a good agent and commission, please contact us.

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